Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Emotional Healing

EMOTIONAL HEALING How do I know I need emotional healing? Emotional healing is normally a gradual process after serious trauma or hurt, but with LifeShaping you can be healed quickly. While we may temporarily stuff our hurt or sorrow, eventually we have to face the pain and bring it to God, if we want Him to heal it. When we invite God to touch any area of our life that still needs healing, it is an awesome thing to see (or sense or hear) Him come in, identify the area, bring truth to it and the freedom we need. Many people share similar feelings of shame, guilt, anger, depression and loss whether their hurt was due to rejection, abuse, miscarriage, abortion, divorce or other major trauma. Often we are only partially healed from hurts and carry pain alone for years, not finding a safe confidential place to share. Whether you are in denial, confusion, condemning yourself, blaming others or medicating your pain with food or drugs, there is hope for more healing for you. It doesn t matter whether you are mostly innocent or mostly guilty, there is healing for you at Cross Walk Life. Jesus promises to redeem every experience that you have had, taking the pain out of the memories, healing thoroughly, leaving you with wisdom and comfort that you can in turn, pass on to others one day. He died so that you can live in restoration rather than regret. 2 Cor 7:10 Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret ... How do I know if I need emotional healing? Are you still trying to forget the feelings? Do you still react when the subject is brought up? Do you avoid things that remind you of it? Are you depressed at certain times of the year? Are you still resentful and unforgiving? Is your lifestyle one that could lead to hurt again? Have your relationships become less healthy? Are you using food, alcohol or drugs to cover pain? Do you often have flashback memories? Do you feel empty, angry, guilty or shamed? Have you stopped growing emotionally since then? Do you look at life as before or after _____ ? Are you still keeping it a secret? Or telling too much? Are you performing to prove that you are OK? Has God felt distant since then? Remember God sent His word to heal us and deliver us from all our distresses. And by His stripes we are healed. Healing comes through faith in Jesus and the word of God. There is healing for the sin sick soul as well as there is healing for the broken hearted and the emotionally bruised spirit. Trust only in the Lord and receive your healing today!

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